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CAP BON Filter

CAP BON Filter

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CENTRAL AMERICAN coffees are generally quite CHERRY and COCOA flavour , so if you like this profile, this type of coffee is for you.
We will change the coffee each 3 months approximately, but the general profile stays the same in all our CAP BON coffees.

Finca San Francisco, EL SALVADOR

tasting note: Sweet and smooth with lots of winey fruit acidity; perfume rose, blueberry, cherry, and cocoa flavors.


Farm Ulises Lemus
Process Natural
Variety Pacas
Elevation 1200-1800 MASL
Region Chalatenango
Country El Salvador
Harvest December - March

Ulises Lemus

Ulises Lemus owns a small farm called Finca San Francisco, where he grows Pacas variety in the Chalatenango region of El Salvador. Our staff-member on the ground in El Salvador, Beto Reyes, works closely with Ulises to offer support in agronomy, processing, and capacity building. 

The coffee on this farm is picked ripe, then either dry fermented for 16-20 hours for washed or for naturals placed directly on raised beds after sorting, and then dried for roughly 14-18 days depending on weather.



Microlots from El Salvador are sourced from a group of smallholder producers located in the Chalatenango region, in the northern part of the country. Cafe Imports has one employee, Alberto Reyes, that lives full time in El Salvador and works directly with these small-holder producers throughout the year offering sensory and agronomy support. Farms here are small on average (5–15 manzanas, or roughly 3.5–10.5 hectares) and many producers grow classic Salvadoran varieties such as Pacas and Pacamara as well as Bourbon.


Natural-process specialty coffees are something of an experiment in El Salvador, but they are increasing in popularity. The coffee is generally picked ripe and sorted for quality, then placed on raised beds or patios to dry for a month or more.

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