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Stealth Milk Pitcher Black

Stealth Milk Pitcher Black

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Frothing milk is easy with the Rhinowares matte black milk jug. It consists of stainless steel and is coated with Teflon and has a wall thickness of 1mm. This keeps the milk cool for longer when frothing and, like the narrow shape of the jug, makes it easier to form fine milk froth. Thanks to its weight, the milk jug is particularly comfortable to hold, which makes it easier to use. Due to the slightly concave spout, the stream of milk when pouring is straight and composed. Thus, this jug offers the best conditions for creating latte art easily. Since the right ratio between jug and milk volume is very important - the milk should reach the bottom edge of the spout to create correct milk froth, the Barista milk jug is available in two sizes: 600 ml and 360ml. The milk jugs are also dishwasher-safe and therefore easy to clean.

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