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Ben Rahim

AlKAHWA القهوة

AlKAHWA القهوة

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"KAHWA" coffee from ASIA. but the main focus will be on Yemeny coffee.
ASIAN coffees are generally quite ERTHY and CHOCOLATY , so if you like this profile, this type of coffee is for you.
We will change the coffee each 3 months approximately, but the general profile stays the same in all our KAHWA coffees.

Muhammed Ali Wahab

Flavour notes

Orange, Nutty, Black tea, Kenya-like

Velvety in texture, pronounced Orange and soft Nutty notes come to the fore in this remarkable Yemeni coffee.

The first country to cultivate coffee ​under the Ottoman Empire and has a ​unique agricultural terroir with ​native coffee plant varieties

(Almost 90% of all coffee in the ​world comes from Yemen​).

Muhammed Ali Wahab is a 44 year old farmer and a father of six. He is from house of Qanis, Masar village located in the West Haraz region part of the Sana’a governorate.
His major challenges include water irrigation specifically transferring of preserved rain water kept in barrels to reach his farm. In addition, the mountainous terrain increases the time spent going from his home to his farm due to the lack of roads.
The story behind this land ownership is a unique one. Almost 8 years ago, an elder man who goes by the name “Al Shawoosh” asked Fawaz Ali Wahab (who is one of our farmers and the younger brother of Muhammed) to manage his land. Fawaz recommended his older brother Muhammed and ever since their partnership began.
Mohammed manages a 5323 square meters farm which is owned by Al Shawoosh sharing the profits of coffee production for his management. About 3110 square meters of that land is allocated to only coffee with 500 trees. He also manages his own 2200 square meters farm with about 1770 square meters of his land is allocated for only coffee with 350 trees. In total, Muhammed manages 850 trees in both farms.

Country: YEMEN / Region: West HARAAZ Bait Al Qanis, Masar / Producers: 10 SMALLHOLDERSHarvest: JAN-MAR / Variety:Typica - Dawairy, Ja’adi / Process: NATURALAltitude: 2200 MASL / Landed Februar 2023


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